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What's this Early Flirt program?

It’s being together from day one and sharing this special connection. Meeting each other and pondering about staying together for life. Telling us about your likes and dislikes but most of all we've got your back.

The Early Flirt program is for the bold and brave, the restless creative, the connoisseur, the old school, the beardless hipster, the hormone-filled mother-to-be. It’s for those who enjoy a bumpy ride and are not afraid to express their opinions.

Who are you guys?

We're a happy bunch of print nerds. Socially decent and capable, but excelling in development, innovation and design. At least, that’s what we’re told.

Indeed, you might have heard from us and we may seem familiar because we’re not new in this world of print. All the more reason to raise the bar and impress you.

We're doing our business online, but rest assured we'll meet in person.

Getting in touch

We want to be there for you. Smiling, laughing in this colorful process full of inspiration.

It’s easy to connect with us. Just speak up your mind and ask us anything. Really, since we haven’t got any secrets for you. And if you happen to be near us, please come visit us and have a cup of coffee.

Maagdenburgstraat 24, Deventer, The Netherlands
Tel. 0031 88 75 11 111

Our products
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Falling in love

Now that we've acquainted, we'd like to lift a tip of the veil by presenting you a glance of our style.

The color palette

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our palette comprises soft, contemporary colors. The colors have been designed to work harmoniously together to create a clean and organized atmosphere. From time to time, our bright and rebellious primary color Passionate Pink draws your attention by brightening up the place.

Grumpy Grey Grumpy Grey PMS Cool Grey 9 #747373
Breaking Beige Breaking Beige PMS 2311 #D3A383
Groovy Green Groovy Green PMS 557 #91AE8F
Blameless Blue Blameless Blue PMS 2207 #5394A7
Passionate Pink Passionate Pink PMS 192 #FF0048
Youthy Yellow Youthy Yellow PMS 142 #FABC43


Our typography is based on the clean and soft Nephrite font family. Paragraphs are rendered light and feature a decent legibility whereas headings portray boldness and personality.

Heading 1
Font Nephrite
Style Bold
Size 48pt
Line height 48pt
Font Nephrite
Style Regular
Size 18pt
Line height 23pt
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Feeling frisky?

You want to be with us every day. Developing and designing new experiences together. We're always looking for this special someone, motivated to support our team. If you're a bit of a print nerd, techy, colorful creative or anything else to complete us, you’ll probably fit right in. Have a look at the available jobs or send us an e-mail.

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