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What started out as a small group has grown into an international printing platform, including in-house production and a crew of 250+ print nerds. We work on the ultimate platform from our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.


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Marco Aarnink

Founder, Captain


Deventer, 24 March – Beheermaatschappij Em. de Jong, parent enterprise of Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong, has become a minority shareholder of In addition, has acquired a minority interest in Kampert-Nauta, a subsidiary of Em. de Jong, and the underlying company Sparkles. Following previous joint acquisitions, both parties are using this new partnership to build on a future-proof chain. “Integration across the entire chain is necessary in order to have a stable model in the long term and to be able to ensure production,” says Marco Aarnink (founder “A straightforward revenue model from which the entire chain benefits, not just the ‘front end’.”

The cooperation with Em. de Jong offers great opportunities for all parties. “Thanks to the recent investment and the good synergy between all the companies, we can make an important contribution to the entire printing chain. All techniques are present in the group; large format printing, textile, digital, offset and rotary printing. From sales and production to fulfilment, delivery and even distribution. This cooperation also gives us the opportunity to move even faster internationally and to invest more on the production side. Em. de Jong may be known as a specialist in the rotary market, but it is also a serious player in sheetfed offset printing. They recently invested in a Landa press. For, Landa is a new market and investments like these allow us to actively embrace changes in the landscape and continue to innovate both in production and at the front end of the online platform,” says Aarnink.

This mutual participation, driven by the shared vision of both parties, builds on previous joint acquisitions. For example, and Kampert-Nauta joined forces in 2019 with the acquisition of TMB Image Center B.V. in Schijndel.

A second partnership between and Em. de Jong followed in 2020 when the Arcis consortium acquired the companies Spotta and Axender. This takeover was an important step towards guaranteeing the door-to-door delivery of printed matter. Producing printed matter is one thing, but the process after printing and finishing is just as important.

“Cooperation with other producers remains of great significance. We value our suppliers highly and we do not produce everything ourselves. We work with many specialist producers in order to be able to deliver the most special products to our customers, the creative professionals. We build on long-term relationships, with sufficient capacity at logistically convenient locations so that we can guarantee reliable deliveries. Our own production companies continue to operate independently, which means they are accessible and competitive, also for other parties in the market. That’ s what keeps us on our toes”

About Em. de Jong
Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong (Baarle-Nassau, NL) is literally located on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium and, together with its affiliated companies Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk (Gennep, NL), Kampert-Nauta (Oss, NL), TMB Image Center (Schijndel, NL) Mercator Press (Jabbeke, BE), Imprimerie Casterman (Tournai, BE), Dessain Printing (Mechelen, BE) and Jungfer Druckerei und Verlag (Herzberg am Harz, DE) one of the biggest players in the European market of door-to-door advertising leaflets with approximately 1.200 employees. In addition to rotary printing in both coldset and heatset, the companies also operate in the sheetfed offset market, the digital market, in large format printing and offer automated solutions mainly to large retailers. The group is specialized in door-to-door leaflets and point-of-sale material for the Benelux, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

About Kampert-Nauta
Kampert-Nauta (Oss, NL) is an industrial print producer in both digital and offset printing techniques and also takes care of the fulfilment and logistic processes mainly for the larger retail and franchise companies. Kampert-Nauta has several 8-colour presses in the 70×100 range, 2 HP Indigos 12,000 and the latest Canon inkjet machine, the varioPrint iX3200. Recently they have invested in a Scodix Ultra 202, a unique machine which provides the printed matter with the most striking finishings like foil print. In cooperation with Sparkles, Kampert-Nauta provides graphic solutions for the optimization of marketing and communication processes.

About Sparkles
Sparkles for Life (Zeist, NL) has grown into one of the largest e-commerce players for personalized life event print (including greeting cards) in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tens of thousands of people create and order their printed materials via more than 40 web shops each year. Well-known labels are, among others, ‘Made for Moments’ and ‘Hippe Geboortekaartjes’. As of 2015 Sparkles for Business and Kampert-Nauta are also targeting the business market. Several large retailers, franchisers and corporates rely on the Marketing Suite. This online software enables organizations to manage and order brand communications.

About is the new adventure of Marco Aarnink, former owner of Drukwerkdeal. The printing journey began at the end of 2017 with the purchase of the domain name After more than a year of pioneering and building, saw the light of day at the end of 2018 and was airborne with a closed web app. This online ordering environment is exclusively for “frequent flyers”; creative professionals who regularly order print, such as resellers, designers, advertising agencies or in-house marketers at the larger companies. The closed web app contains several hundred products in the field of print, sign, large format, packaging, clothing and giveaways. A distinguishing factor is the wide range of materials and the numerous exclusive printing techniques and refinements, such as letterpress, colour-on-cut and foil printing. now serves approximately 6,000 professionals from five local sales offices in Deventer (NL), Amsterdam (NL), Paris (FR), Würzburg (DE) and Brussels (BE). With production locations in Kampen (NL), Schijndel (NL) and Oss (NL), product innovation and delivery reliability are paramount.

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