The crew is hard at work, ensuring we keep our carbon footprint as small as we can. We do this by printing efficiently, taking a good look at our use of materials and transporting methods, we are constantly making great strides. Find out how we do it here.

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  • Where does your paper come from?

    Our paper comes from trees that have been specially planted for paper production. These forests are sustainably felled to maintain the tree stock.

  • Which paper is the most sustainable?

    Recycled paper is the most sustainable. At, you will find recycled paper from Paperwise®, RecyStar® and BalancePure®, and more.

  • Which is more sustainable: offset or digital printing?

    That depends a bit on the print runs. For small and medium print runs, digital printing uses less paper and less ink than offset printing.

  • Do you send CO2-neutral parcels?

    At, you choose your preferred delivery service. Have you chosen DHL? DHL sends packages climate-neutral under the name DHL GoGreen. This means that DHL compensates for every cubic metre of CO2 emitted during transport.

  • Can I send multiple orders at once?

    Of course! However, it is important that we print the orders all at the same location. If this is the case, you will automatically see this option in your shopping basket, including what you save.

  • Do you use green energy?

    Yes, we use green energy at both our offices and production hubs.

  • I can’t find what I’m looking for in sustainable products.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for in our web app? Our print nerds love a challenge, and we can find it for you. Feel free to ask for a quote. Maybe we will add the product directly to our app!

Do you have questions or tips about sustainability and Send us an e-mail.