Ready to undertake (literally) grand-scale printing journeys? Lets take you on a journey above the clouds, because since the last FESPA fair, invested in a completely new production line for large format dye-sublimation printing. With this new adventure, it allows us to meet the rising demand for prints on large-format textiles. Think of products like beach flags, flags and parasols. From early August, the new machines will be delivered to our sister company Kampert-Nauta in Oss (The Netherlands). In September, we are excited to roll out new orders on these incredible machines.

In this blog we will tell you why we took this big step and what new possibilities this offers you as a Frequent Flyer. Little spoiler: the sky is the limit.

In deze blog vertellen we je waarom we deze stap hebben genomen en welke nieuwe mogelijkheden dit jou als Frequent Flyer biedt. Kleine spoiler: the sky is the limit.

Meet the HP Stitch S1000

Before we taxi the runway about the features of our new production line, lets have a quick look at the machines that will be featured: the HP Stitch S1000, the Klieverik Kalander GTC101-3500 and sewing machines from Matic and Juki. All these machines will make such a difference, but for now we would like to highlight the HP Stitch S1000. It is a dye sublimation printer with a width of 3.20 meters and has a resolution of 1200 dpi. With the S1000, we have the possibility to make our own sublimation prints for the first time. This means that we can print textiles with stronger colours and higher contrasts and that is only the beginning.

The S1000 also has a very high capacity, whether you want to print large volumes or small print runs, you can easily meet your deadlines. You can load rolls of transfer paper or textiles in 40% less time than with similar machines.

Tot nu toe heeft opdrachten voor grootformaat textiel uitbesteed bij partners. Dat blijven we doen, maar de vraag naar deze producten stijgt snel. Onze captain Marco Aarnink legt uit: “’Naast het faciliteren van externe partners op ons platform heeft eigen productie nodig. De hoogste kwaliteit, spoedlevering en lage oplages en prijzen zijn alleen haalbaar met voldoende capaciteit.”

More flexible and efficient

Over time, we will be able to do much more in our new distribution line. There are amazing opportunities on the horizon. Marco said recently “In addition to beach flags and banners, you can even think of interior products such as curtains and wall panelling “.

In additon, with these new machines, we can think of the environment and produce more sustainably. We can eventually replace the PVC of many large-format applications such as banners with textiles. Not only that it is more sustainable in terms of material, but also in terms of transport. Banners are transported in tubes, whereas textiles can be folded and therefore take up less space and optimise the delivery truck.

A quick recap of this newsletter:

We have an marvellous new production line: runway for big plans
Ready to embark on a voyage of exciting printing? Lastly, FESPA, we invested in a completely new production line for large-format dye sublimation printing. It will allow us to maintain the increasing demand for large-format textile products such as beach flags and tendon fabrics. The new production line will be complete by the end of July, and we expect to be able to carry out the first printing orders in September.

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