Sometimes you like to have some ideas to ignite your creativity. You just need that right kick-off start. That is exactly why has collected its premium branded products in the new Inspire lookbook: to spark ideas which you might never have imagined. Idea’s that you can then present to your colleagues or clients. We want you to take all the credit and shine in it yourself, because the Inspire lookbook has a neutral cover or you can personalise it in your own brand image.

Ideas as far as the eye can see

Swimming hats for that New Year’s Eve plunge, chips trays for a gathering of friends, magnetic boxes (with and without ribbon) for Christmas presents, prosecco bottles for an anniversary, printed beanbags for your two-day festival, rain ponchos for a sturdy autumn campaign and sunglasses for a sunny summer event… with more than 125 beautifully illustrated examples of premium branded products, the Lookbook Inspire gives you ideas on every page.

Conveniently located

A good pilot guides and maps out the perfect route for the minimum amount of turbulence. That is why we have cleverly arranged everything into categories such as: food & drink, decoration, promotions and giveaways. For each item, you’ll find a detailed description of the printing method, the type of material, the quantity and delivery time of the product. Browse through it and you will naturally get new ideas for your brand campaigns.


Big, bigger, biggest: Refills are always coming

The ring binder compliments the three existing lookbooks (Print, Sign and Rigids), which take you on a journey through our range of materials, colours, and finishes. Like its three brothers, the Inspire lookbook is held together in a ring binder. It makes it easy to expand with refills: as soon as we add new products to our range, we offer this as an addition. So that you can add it to the folder yourself. You can make the Lookbook as thick (or thin) as you please.

Take all the credits, personalise your cover

As with previous lookbooks, the Inspire lookbook does not contain any references to To make the lookbook even more suitable for your own style, you can print the hard cover with your own logo. We would love for you to take all the credit!

Interesting? We thought so. You can easily order your copy here.

We wish you an inspiring journey.